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About Statistics

Author: Edoardo Ottavianelli

As it's written in the About me section, I'm attending a Cybersecurity Master Degree. In this degree one of the mandatory courses is Statistics. The course concerned about some introductory topics in Statistics (Dataset, population, sample, descriptive and inferential statistics, contingency table, frequencies...) and Probability (Bayes theorem, Bayesian Inference, Stochastic processes, Bernoulli trials) and other (not too much) advanced topics, like Brownian Motion, Glivenko-Cantelli and Central Limit Theorems, Normal and Derived distributions, types of convergence, how to generate Normal-distributed variables from Uniform and so on... To pass the exam we had to:
  1. Publish every week a blog post about the topics explained during the lectures
  2. Code some Desktop applications (C#) to visualize and better understand the concepts
  3. Write a final mini-thesis about a specific topic

So. Where is the blog ? Here we are -> edoardottt.wordpress.com. Why you choose wordpress? Well because it's immediate to insert images and other non-written contents. Editing manually the html takes way more time (and I had other 3 courses to follow).
So, if you want take a look on the posts :)
Go to Statistics blog
Where are the applications you coded? Obviously on GitHub. Moreover, there are also some Youtube videos about the applications. Start with this one:

Finally, I choose "Normal and derived distributions" as topic for the mini-thesis.
Read the full PDF
I hope this material will help other students and learner in general :)

If there are students following this course that want to contact me there is a button at the top of the page ! Don't hesitate to text me.